Monday, April 27, 2009

Hollywood's Opinion on Gay Marriage Means About as Much as the Taliban's Position on Religious Tolerance

OK, so flaming-chunk-of-human excrement Perez Hilton (Who? Yeah, that was my response) calls Carrie Prejean a "Dumb B!tch" for not kowtowing to the left-wing line on gay marriage. Then, some C-list Hollywood talent is going around making videos show-casing their support of Gay Marriage. As the song goes, "Who the hell cares?"

Let's put Hollywood morality in context, shall we? What are the social values of these people who think legalizing Sodomic and Sapphic Marriage is so virtuous:

  • The entertainment media has mainstreamed pronographic film performers like Jenna Jameson and Ron Jeremy.

  • The entertainment media celebrate casual sex and serial adultery (think Friends, Sluts in the City, or any number of similar movies and shows).

  • The entertainment media supports convicted child molester Victor Salva by hiring and promoting his films.

  • The industry promotes prostitutes as positive role models, and glamorizes the sex-for-pay industry. (Think Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman or the whore brigade in Sin City.)
At the same time dysfunctional behavior is celebrated by Hollywood, healthy and positive social behavior ... delayed gratification, personal responsibility, monogamous commitment... are routinely ridiculed and insulted (Bill Maher: Monogamy is a lie. Scarlett Johanssen: Monogamy is unnatural).

These are the same people who fly around on private jets telling us that Global Warming will kill the planet. So, I must ask again, who the Hell cares how these pampered, spoiled, vapid, greedy, hypocritical sleazes and sluts feel about marriage?

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