Saturday, November 29, 2008

Payback Is A Bitch

This for the lefties out there.... remember all the shit you slew at Bush during the last 8 years? He was a "cokehead", he "knew about 9/11", "war for oil" and all that garbage? Payback is a bitch... except this time, it'll be the truth told about the Obamafurhen rather than out and out lies and distortions.

Get ready for the political insurgency of the VRWC.

You Wanted Change, You're Gonna Get It

This is the type of idiot that "voted for change"

This guy probably went to school on a shortened bus. But this is who voted in favor of The One. But I'm sure Obamafurhen has other things in the way of "change".

Just remember when the economy crashes, and you can't pay your electricity bill because it sky rocketed, and your para-military civilian enforcement teams are walking up and down the streets that you wanted change. Remember when our military's budget is cut by 25% and we no longer have the capability to defend this nation, that you wanted change. Remember that when our governments deficit has soared to levels unheard of, and unemployment rates echo that of Europe's, that you wanted change.

Because that is everything that Obama has promised us. And it is everything that was voted for tonight.

McCain was not my candidate of choice. I was originally for Fred Thompson, but he started the car too late and ran out of gas before he left the driveway. Romney was my second pick. If a charismatic young conservative governor can trick enough libs in as blue a state as Massachusetts, he can't be all that bad. But ala Operation Chaos, McCain was chosen FOR us by those in the media, blue blood country club type Republicans, and by Demoncrats who joined in voting in the Republican primaries. But I still voted GOP because I would rather have had a RINO in office who was maybe going to do a few things I didn't like rather than a socialist who cavorts with terrorists and paranoid racists as our CinC who will take our guns, money, and our liberty while he sits and talks unconditionally with nutjobs in rouge nations.

I will still hold my head high, go to work, take care of my family as I always do, but I will still worry about my country and what could happen if these countries like Iran, Syria, and North Korea try to "test" the Obamessiah. Hope you Obamunists enjoy your food stamps and socialized medicine. Just watch out for those bombs dropping.