Monday, April 27, 2009

Multiculturalism Under Fire

A familiar web acronym comes to mind when viewing this clip below. WTF!

Of course Oregon has no clear answer. Let it burn. Maybe then they'd learn their lesson.

Hat tip to The Big Dog.

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innominatus said...

I'm in Oregon. (Yeah, there are three or four conservatives out here. ) The Boss doesn't like us playing on YouTube, so I can't watch right now, but I betcha you're talking about the FFs canned 'cuz they can't/won't speak Spanish to their largely illegal crew members.

Glorious, isn't it? We pioneer such groundbreaking idiocy as medical marijuana, doctor-assisted-suicide and Speak Spanish or Else! It's like California isn't stupid enough, and we have to try to outdo them. The rural counties, where most of the timber is, have CRAZY unemployment - some are up around 27% - but our hermanos from the south get all the jobs.

These maddening things are the kind of crap that will get me on Janet Napolitano's sh*t list, IYKWIM.