Saturday, August 08, 2009

Weekend Linkfest

Ace Of Spades: Obamacare - A "Vicious Assault On The Elderly"

Michelle Malkin: Who's Behind The Internet Snitch Brigade

Teh Resistance: Democrats Don't Really Understand The Concept Of Democracy

Founding Bloggers: Those Who Would Sacrifice Liberty For Medical Security Deserve Neither

Right Wing News: Cash For Clunkers In A Nutshell

The American Thinker: 200 Days Of "Hope" and "Change"

The Volokh Conspiracy: Obama Joker Poster - Racist???

Jammie Wearing Fool: So-called Ethics Committee Dismisses Case Against Corrupt Dems

Moonbattery: Woman To Marry Rollercoaster (No, this is not a joke!)

IMAO: Listening To Obama Speak Is Like _______ (Not Max Baucus's version)

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