Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Real Mob

For the last couple weeks, we've heard leftists in favor of Obamacare try to silence those who oppose healthcare rationing are part of "The Mob" of "angry right-wingers", or paid hacks for the insurance companies. Well, proof positive pics and video below (and you can connect the dots further looking into everything from the 2008 voter intimidation to the RNC protests of 2008, 2004, etc.) show exactly who the "mob" is.

Here we have a drone (left) trying to pull away a sign from a woman expressing her right to free speech before Stretch Pelosi visits Denver.

Here we have a man who took on a debate with an Obamunist slapped by his wife at a town hall meeting in Tampa

A town hall meeting in Tampa in which SEIU members push and shove concerned citizens out the doors.

The incident in which Kenneth Gladney, a black conservative, was attacked by a few SEIU members at a St. Louis town hall meeting.

An SEIU goon hits a person getting the prior footage of the beating of Kenneth Gladney on film.

More liberal "tolerance" is sure to come. And this all comes with the much blogged about Obama Snitch Line where Obama drones can tell on their neighbors and friends. Reminds you of Castro's Cuba, doesn't it? If we don't take action, show we are not scared, dissent against what is wrong, stand up for America, by 2010 there could be no America as we know and love it.

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Mickey said...

It is a simple strategy that the liberals are playing, it is to accuse others of what they are guilty of doing. This surely fits into the Saul Alinsky tactics they are employing.