Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday's Funny: Caption Time!

From my good friend, Kurlander at Caption This!

1. "It's um... monogrammed toilet paper. For when you, um, sh-t in the woods."

2. "Where is your God now? Bwah-ha-hah-ha-hah-ha!"

3. Barry O distracts the Holy Father while M'Chel moves in for his wallet and watch.

4. "Wow, the Virgin Mary sure does have a nice ass."

5. "So, can you, um, exorcise the stupid out of Joe Biden?"

For more funniness, check out Caption This, ya monor!


innominatus said...

Umm... Pope... Uhh, you're... Hey, Pope! You're hurting... Oww!!! Leggo, Pope! You're breaking my hand!

Silent_Majority said...

"Look into my will now dance like a chicken.."