Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So Long California, And Thanks For All The Fish

Central California is going through a pretty rough time thanks to the anti-human Caliban in charge. These dolts would rather save a two inch fish that somehow made its way into the waters of the San Joaquin Valley than have water for the humans. Comedian Paul Rodriguez appearing here on Hannity says this is no laughing matter.

And the libs knew this was going to happen, to quote California Department of Water Resources directing moonbat Lester Snow, "Our actions to save the smelt will place a real hardship on some water users in the Bay Area". How about saving the farmers, for crying out loud?

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innominatus said...

You're in Illinois, right? Hopefully the ecotards never make it to that part of the country. Same crap goes on here in Oregon all the time.

On the bright side, it is a bunch of Bay Area lefties who will be the ones getting thirsty due to their own stupid policies.