Monday, June 08, 2009

Perverts Taking Over The Schools

Watch this shocking clip. Chairman Zero has appointed drag queen and GLSEN founder Kevin Jennings to head The Department Of Safe And Drug Free Schools.

GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network)was also behind teaching "fisting" in public schools (yes, fisting is exactly what it says... have a nice day!) Most of us knew something like this was coming from the Chicago Marxist who said he wanted to teach sex-ed to kindergartners.

So this is another part of the "change" we've come to expect from Nobama. Teaching gender confusion, masturbation, and promotion of homosexuality will become the norm so when you ask little Billy what he learned in school that day, he'll grab a condom and a banana and show you.

They might as well have Mr. Garrison of South Park teaching their little ones.

Hat tip to Cao's Blog for exposing this.


innominatus said...

Network gets really busy sometimes, so viewing YouTube vids at work usually isn't worth the pain. And I really don't want to wait forever while it's buffering the vid of some ugly perv.

Pretty much I'll take your (and Cao's and AtlasShrugged's) word for it.

Holy crap!

Minorcan Maven said...

I had read about His Highness Mr Jennings and was completely disgusted at his assignemnt to a place where he'd CLEARLY have nothing but ulterior motives.

WHAT happened to not assigning lobbyists positions like this? That would exclude him I would have thought. Love how Obama has HIS little darlins' out of harm's way at that sweet private school that he tried to screw all the voucher kids out of.

He's such a dictionary example of:
1 rule for me and another for thee.

This is purely rhetorical - but "fisting" - REALLY? Eeeww!!