Saturday, June 06, 2009

D-Day Weekend Linkfest

Today we remember those brave souls who stormed the beach of Normandy to fight for the liberation of Europe and to save her from total fascist enslavement. Here's the speech given by Reagan on the 40th anniversary of D-Day at Point-du-Hoc in 1984:

Please take a moment today to remember those that gave their lives for not just European freedom, but our own. Now the linkfest.

The Corner At National Review: Turns Out Rush and Newt Were Just Off By A Syllable

Michelle Malkin: Rainbows, Unicorns, And A World Without The J-Word

Gateway Pundit: Retired State Department Whackjob And Wife Cuban Spies For 30 Years

Sweetness & Light: Jobless Rate Slows But Hits Record

Moonbattery: Joy Behar Confuses Baptism With Waterboarding

Powerline Blog: Victimhood Is Powerful

Pajama's Media: Burning Down The New York Times In Three Acts - Act I

Atlas Shrugs: Burka-clad Muslim Crashes Remembrance Rally For Murdered U.S. Soldier

Jammie Wearing Fool: Bloodbath In The Treasury Department

RedState: Dealergate: Why Top Performing Dealerships Closed

Flopping Aces: MSM: "Sure Obama Flip-Flops, But It's For A Good Reason!

Jihad Watch: Christian And Muslim Debate Religion In Bar, Muslim Shoots Christian

Founding Bloggers: Horrific Healthcare Headlines From The UK - Our Socialized Medical Future

Say Anything: Your Congressman Is Now Your Loan Broker

Iowahawk: The Pelosi GTxi SS/RT Sports Car

And a congrats to all the conservative bloggers above for making the top 100 blogs at Wikio. I can only hope to be in the top 10,000, but I'm glad to be part of the right-wing blogosphere anyway.

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minorcan-maven said...

Been going to the same places forever. Trying to make my rounds and find some more conservative bloggers! It's encouraging to see so many!

This D-Day anniversary seems tragic to me in some ways. Because we fought the enemy on the outside then and now we have the enemy among us. I also think its sad the Greatest Generation has to see a bunch of putzes running their hard work and sacrifice into the ground, while we mostly sit on our duffs.

Hope we make it!

Great to meet you!