Thursday, May 28, 2009

Republicans Can't Stop Sotomayor, But They Can Hurt the Democrats

As I have thought about it, trying to stop Sotomayor is a no-win situation for the Republicans; they don't have the numbers, and even if they did, Obama would only appoint someone just as radical. Democrats do not nominate moderates to the court. Period. The swing justices...Kennedy, O'Connor... are always Republican appointees.

What the Republicans can do is play hardball by focusing on how far out of the mainstream Sotomayor is on the issues of race, eminent domain, and gun control. On race, the Ricci case shows her support for race-based discrmination against white males. The Didden case shows her support for government confiscation of private property even where there is overwhelming evidence of political corruption. Her views on the Second Amendment --- gun ownership is unconstitutional --- are as radical as can be.

The game would be to make her a political liability for Obama and any Democrat that votes for her. Voting for Sotomayor is a vote for race-based discrimination, confiscation of private property, and gun confiscation. Make that vote stick to Democrats like a deer tick.

Republicans have to think of the long game. They can't win this battle, but they can make the Democrats pay a price.


Jessica Wilkerson said...

I agree with you, completely. There are Republicans out there saying that they CAN NOT oppose Sotomayor, because she's hispanic - which I think is ridiculous. By not attacking her because of her race, they're validating Liberals who claim the GOP is focused on race. (Even though it's the other way around.) Of course, she'll get confirmed, but we can difinitely make the Democrats pay for it!

Trish said...

Per your headline; but until we can KILL them, we're stuck with too many of them!
While I do jest, I definitely agree with your blog, and if we cannot question a candidate or nomine the same way that Demorats do a conservative one, then the hypocrisy is clear enough for even Obots to notice.