Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Horrors of Christian Theocracy

An anonymous idiot at Moonbattery makes the following comment.
Christianists in America are the biggest internal threat to American democracy and islamic facists are the biggest external threat.
Once again, this demonstrates ALS's liberal tenet about moral relativism: Islamic Fascists = Christian-"ists." Never mind that Christians are not blowing up airplanes, flying airplanes into building, strapping on bomb belts and walking into gay discos... we who worship are all what Ward Churchill might call "Little Bin Ladens."

No, the only things Christians are doing are organizing and voting. So what the Anonymous twerp is really outraged about isn't Christians threatening Democracy, but Christians participating in Democracy. I guess, to a leftist, only progressive fascists like ACORN are entitled to petition their government for a redress of grievances. Christians only have the right to sit down and shut up. IMHO, the combination of a one-party media combined with massive voter fraud and a Cult of Personality around a charismatic "lightworker" are a far greater threat to Democracy than organized Christians, but I digress.

By the left's definition, the USA was a Christian Theocracy until about 1962 when the Supreme Court outlawed school prayer; and the country seems to have gotten along well enough up unto that point.

Like most leftist moral relativism, this "Christian Theocracy" tripe is pure horseshit, but it got me to wondering, what would this "Christian Theocracy" --- this boogeyman of the far left --- actually look like? Supposing the Christian Right got everything it wanted, what would society look like? Probably something like this:

  • Abortion would be illegal in most places under most circumstances. There would be exceptions for rape, incest, and the life and health of the mother. As a result of this horrific state of affairs, women might choose to limit their sexual activity to men they actually wanted to have children with.

  • Gay marriage would be illegal. In other words, we'd have the same definition of marriage that's worked throughout human history.

  • Pornography probably would be illegal. It would still exist, in an illicit form, but would be much harder and riskier to access. As a result of this horror, men might no longer treat all women like whores.

  • Kids would be allowed to pray in school. Also, you could put a Nativity Scene on the courthouse lawn at Christmastime and hang the Ten Commandments on the Courthouse wall. This may make a secular leftists shudder, but it's hardly the same as decapitating the unbelievers.

  • Sex education would be eliminated from the school curriculum. As a result, instead of receiving sexual values from bureaucrats, the media, and their hormonal peers, children would have to learn from their families.

  • Creationism would probably be taught in school, most likely alongside evolution rather than instead of. I'm not sure that's such a great idea, but on the other hand, public schools have taught bunkum like socialism, global warming, self-esteem, whole language learning, and "everyday math" for years. I don't see how teaching Creationism could be more damaging to society than the crap they teach already.

That's... pretty much it, really. Whether that set of policies is "radical" I guess depends on how important you think it is to have unlimited abortions, gay marriage, a saturation level of pornography in society, and the complete sterilization of religion from every public space.

But Christian Theocracy would not include dressing women like walking Hefty bags, would not include special taxes levied against non-believers, would not include punishing people with death for converting to another religion, would not include teaching children that Jews are the descendants of pigs and monkeys, would not include legalized wife-beating, would not include strict separation of the sexes, would not include denying women the right to work or drive, would not include issuing fetwahs against people who say 'Good Morning' to another man's wife, would not include mass executions of homosexuals, would not include 'honor rapes' and 'honor killings' of young women for talking to young men, children will not be strapped into bomb vests and sent to "kill the Zionists."

But, apart from that, yeah, there's not much difference between a Christian "Theocracy" and an Islamist Theocracy.

Of course, we won't always wonder what living under a Christian Theocracy would be like. One day, we will find out.

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