Tuesday, May 05, 2009

New Name, Same Bad Taste

The eco-Marxists and leftist dummies have been using the farce of "global warming" for quite a long time now, and it has been plastered all over major newspapers, media outlets, and even the Weather Channel itself (even though the founder is on the more rational side). But most Americans have noticed it hasn't really been particularly warmer since 1988 and it's not really a top concern. So the marketing henchmen for The Big Hoax have decided to tinker around with some ideas on how to really sell the lie: New names for their scheme.

The term turns people off, fostering images of shaggy-haired liberals, economic sacrifice and complex scientific disputes, according to extensive polling and focus group sessions conducted by ecoAmerica, a nonprofit environmental marketing and messaging firm in Washington.

Instead of grim warnings about global warming, the firm advises, talk about "our deteriorating atmosphere." Drop discussions of carbon dioxide and bring up "moving away from the dirty fuels of the past." Don't confuse people with cap and trade; use terms like "cap and cash back" or "pollution reduction refund."

Sounds like an admission that the "global warming" campaign was a lie, not that this will prevent big government from crippling the economy with cap and trade, or whatever they want to call it now. They want to create a populist appeal for their agenda and gobble up your tax dollars like hungry pigs at a trough. And maybe Al Gore might come out with a new lackluster blockbuster on "our deteriorating atmosphere"... "An Inconvenient Truth Part II". Still there's more.

EcoAmerica has been conducting research for the last several years to find new ways to frame environmental issues and so build public support for climate change legislation and other initiatives. … Environmental issues consistently rate near the bottom of public worry, according to many public opinion polls. A Pew Research Center poll released in January found global warming last among 20 voter concerns; it trailed issues like addressing moral decline and decreasing the influence of lobbyists. "We know why it's lowest," said Mr. Perkowitz, a marketer of outdoor clothing and home furnishings before he started ecoAmerica, whose activities are financed by corporations, foundations and individuals. "When someone thinks of global warming, they think of a politicized, polarized argument. When you say 'global warming,' a certain group of Americans think that's a code word for progressive liberals, gay marriage and other such issues."

All this is going on in a smoke-filled room (although it's not cigarette smoke) where leftist bureaucrats and eco-Marxists are figuring out how to lie to you with a smile and steal your money and control your behavior. It's worked before. Socialism used to mean government stealing your hard earned money and handing out some crumbs to others. Now socialism is "change". 52% of the American people fell for it before, let's hope they don't get fooled again.

Hat tip to Moonbattery.


Anonymous said...

I hope you don't object. I posted the above before I saw this. it comes from a slightly different angle on the same subject.

Atomic Lib Smasher said...

Don't worry about it. It's all good. If we can inform the people of what the moonbats are trying to do, doesn't matter if it's said a few times with different angles.