Monday, May 11, 2009

Barack Obama's Anti-Comedy

Everyone in the blogosphere seems to be commenting on hack leftist comedienne Wanda Sykes' jab at Rush Limbaugh, calling him a traitor and hoping that his kidneys fail. Here's her comedic sh.... wit right here at the White House Correspondence Dinner the other night:

Of course Wanda Sykes has never listened to Rush, so she got his quote wrong that he hopes OBAMA fails, not the country. But this is nothing less than to be expected from the leftist sycophants making a living being funny when they are just hacks. The whole late night comedy show business won't dare insult The Won with jokes.

For instance, David Letterman quipped back in February that Chairman Zero is "cogent, eloquent and in complete command of the issues. ... What the hell am I supposed to do with that?" Plenty, Letterman if you could pry your lips off his ass for two seconds and take a good hard look at it all. Chris Rock (who I do find funny at times) said that nObama was shaping up to be a "comedian's worst nightmare."

This Administration is one big giant joke itself. When you have unemployment almost at double digits, a stimulus bill that isn't stimulating anything, a foreign policy that is little more than apologizing all over the world, the politicization of national security, and a fumbling, bumbling speechmaker more dependent on a TelePrompter than a junkie is to his needle, it's comedy gold!

Bush 41 and 43 proved to give stand up a lot of material, some of which was just unfair and mean spirited. Clinton got it big time after LewinskyGate (which Wanda Sykes defended), but not one comedian touched Obama except for maybe making fun of the rest of his cabinet or his veep Joe Biden (who can blame them there?). The annual White House Correspondence Dinner is usually a roasting of the current president, and the POTUS himself usually makes self-depreciating jokes. But not this time, for now the hacks are scared to poke the slightest jab at Obama and instead attack the opposition. Is poking jokes at Obama "racist"? I'd appreciate a comment on your thoughts below.


innominatus said...

I haven't seen "The Won" anywhere else. You think of that? If so, excellent.

Something like making a watermelon joke or dropping the N-bomb would count as racism. Joking about his teleprompter addiction, ineptitude, socialist tendencies, narcissism, apologism, etc, are not racism. Liberals have no valid counter-argument when we address those aspects of The Won, so they are reduced to namecalling.

Be assured that when a lib calls you a racist, you just won the argument. Consider it a corollary of Godwin's Law.

modernjazz said...

I read on Digg someone quip that Rush has made more defamatory remarks that Wanda... well, let's see. 20 years, at an average of 200 weeks+ a year X 15 on-air hours a week. Largely unscripted. So let's see... a conservative estimate of 60,000 hours of material to peck through. Then you have to not listen to 59,900 hours and try to zero in on the "important stuff" where he might have gone over the line. Which in most cases is just funny stuff that non-conservatives don't get. What I didn't like about the Wanda show is the blatant partisanship of bho44 and guests. They can make jokes about waterboarding and call it torture and nothing has to be real except scoring political points.