Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Slogan for the PA Senate Race in 2010

Arlen Specter - Old and Busted

Arlen Specter - Old and Busted

Pat Toomey - New Hotness

Pat Toomey - New Hotness


Nunya said...

One RINO out, #? to go...


Anonymous said...

I ALWAYS knew that old bastard was a Dem in elephant's clothing!

MAS1916 said...

Loser.. and good riddance.

GOP does have to go through a bit of a purifying process here and dump all those that don't agree with the core philosophy of free enterprise and maximum personal freedom.

Oh well.. it will be a long run 'til 2010. If you need a bit of a laugh over all this, hit:


Atomic Lib Smasher said...

One problem for now, the Dims have 60 seats (with the likelyhood that gruesome troll Franken gets in). So the Demoncrats will be unstoppable unless the "moderate" Dems have a turn of heart and reject socialism.