Monday, March 09, 2009

TCD Open Challenge

I usually don't watch much tv aside from sports and Fox's 24 and I never would have heard about this show or seen this clip if not for Moonbattery.

Watch the video and if you make it 30 seconds without hating these snobby stick up the ass liberals... I owe you a free Coke.

Not surprising, there is a website devoted to hating this man already. Can't say I blame them.


Shannon said...

If those a$$hats hate it so much here, why don't they move to back to England where he came from. Those poor kids already hate their parents.

Shannon said...

A side note here...

That well educated man step into more shit than he could handle. I assume he wanted to come off as a "well-to-do" but ended up looking and being a gaint ass.

And NOW he's sorry. Geez, make it up to your kids, dude.

cave ahht said...

Do I end up hating them?
No, you owe me a coke.

Frankly the ones that got on my nerves were both the men. Both made obvious mistakes.

Londoner - emphasizes education, but then falls back to "dumb" to describe those without. The term he is looking for is "ignorant" which in fact he showed a bit of, despite his vaunted "level".

But the paintballer! He wants to say he got into this whole video affair and is going to go with "defecating" on the dream of the kids because she puts it away for a week. I don't know about that. "skirt work" sounds not just old fashioned, but positively out of date since nobody was wearing too many skirts.

I think the paintballer dude made an honest effort though and for that alone he and his wife win the tournament.

Steven Fowler may be contemptible, but it doesn't mean I have to get all worked up over it