Monday, March 09, 2009

Chicago Democrat Unhinged

The arrogance and flat out snobbery of today's Dimocrap party has many voters holding rallies in the streets protesting their policies as we've seen with the nationwide "Tea Parties".

And this from Michelle Malkin:

A Chicago taxpayer went to his 22nd Ward alderman, Ricardo Munoz, to protest the Democrat’s support for tax-increment financing. (I reported years ago on how these “public-private partnership” scams siphon off tax dollars to subsidize developers/builders who then reward politicians with big campaign donations.) The constituent wants to present Alderman Munoz with a petition.

Munoz physically shoves the voter and yells: “Get the f**k out of my office!”

Liberals in office hold the common voter in contempt, as also seen here with Charlie Rangel telling Jason Mattera of the Young American Foundation "Mind Your Own Goddamn Business" (Does somebody wanna get Rangel a Ricola? Sounds like his throat is embedded with sandpaper when he talks!)

This is your (leftist) government at work, people. So much for honest, open, and ethical government.

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