Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Peaceful Protest: Compare And Contrast

Code Pinkos and other Marxist front groups in San Franfreako.

Tea Party protest in D.C.

Notice the flags in both videos. At the Tea Party protests, you'd be less likely to see a flag supporting a terrorist regime. Hardly any cops have to be there unlike at the Marxist protests where the cops are in full force making arrests while being shouted at that they should be killed. The patriots in the last video actually do care about their country and their childrens' future. The moonbats in the first video do not care about America except that she fail and turn into a 3rd world nation. The ones in the first video are the traitors, and the ones in the second, and all other Tea Party protesters are the patriots who don't want to see America on her back.

And for your amusement, here is a crazy indoctrinated woman drunk off the Kool-Aid at the Cincinatti Tea Party.

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Nunya said...

In the first video, what are they protesting? At least half of 'em act like they aren't even paying attention. I feel so sorry for the cops; you know they'd ALL rather be at the Tea Party protest, just because they would have nothing to do and be appreciated.

Heehee, in the last video I like how they added "sucks!" to her "O-ba-ma" chant...that should be SOP AFAIC.

See ya in the reeducation camps, ALS! Save me a seat... 8-)