Monday, March 30, 2009

Obama to CEO: You're Fired

Obama is clearly unafraid to use government as a tool to increase his power. This weekend it came clear when the Obama Administration asked Rick Wagoner, the chairman and CEO of General Motors, to step down and he agreed. Sure, if he was doing a sub par job, Wagoner deserves to be gone, but what right is it of the government to tell a private citizen "You're Fired!" (to quote Donald Trump)? The shareholders have the right to tell the CEO to go fry ice, but not the federal government. This seems like more Chavezism taking place over American businesses.

And what right does Obama have to tell anyone how to do their job? He has less executive experience than even a shift leader at McDonald's! Maybe he will even go further and appoint through Affirmative Action some third rate boss to Wagoner's position. I hear the former mayor of Detroit is looking for work.

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adam hartung said...

This is what happens when you lose your position as #1. It doesn't take long for people to start envisioning a world without you. GM started on the road to irrelevant years ago by focusing internally rather than on the market - missing all major shifts and becoming also-ran. Obama's team is telling everyone (auto and banking) that if you can't prove you know where the market is heading and demonstrate you can get back in front, then there's little reason to support you. Read more