Monday, March 30, 2009

Earth Hour Fail

Via the American Thinker.

The Greenies did not convince the average liberal New Yorkers and Californians to turn off their lights at the appointed Earth Hour of 8:30 PM local time.

By looking at real time data in New York and California, there was no drop in electric usage.

The New York State Independent System Operator has data for electric usage here. By downloading the data and plotting it it appears that at the Earth hour of 8:30 PM, there was no discernable electric usage drop. Here is the load graph (pictured above) for New York in Megawatts:

This to also go along with recent surveys that say Americans are not being suckered into the myth and scam that is global warming.


Franklin's Locke said...

I did not even know about it. I am so bummed. I would have participated. I would have turned on all my lights, ran both of my cars, and turned on all my TVs and appliances. Oh well…maybe next year.

MAS said...

Oh well... I guess the environmental nut-cases didn't want to wander around freezing in the dark either. They just wanted everyone else to.

Anonymous said...

from Gateway Pundit, you say: "They've been hitting the blogosphere hard the last month since Obama's poll numbers have been on a toboggan ride down the slope to "Worst President Ever"."


President Obama's approval ratings are not dropping.

Why comment here and not Gateway? This liberal is banned from commenting there.

Atomic Lib Smasher said...

Look at the approval gap on Rasmussen, Anonymous troll. Currently it stands dead even. Your Ear Leader has been shown for the false messiah he is.

And there is a very good reason why you're banned from GateWay, Anonymous troll.. you're annoying.

Anonymous said...

Yes, being shown the truth when you desire a predetermined outcome can be annoying, but consider it part of your worldly education.

Which Rasmussen poll? Would you link to it? While the negatives for Obama have crept up, his favorability rating stays near 60%. If your case is so strong, why do you and Gateway Pundit resort to lies?

Now it may be true that Obama is a bad President and is making bad decisions, but his popularity, according to national polls, is still high.

A better approach is to argue about his policies, don't you think? I'll wait to be banned with the reason being "asking you to tell the truth".

Below are the results from the major polls taken in March.

RCP Average 03/20 - 03/29 -- 62.0 29.8 +32.2
ABC News/Wash Post 03/26 - 03/29 1000 A 66 29 +37
Gallup 03/27 - 03/29 1547 A 60 30 +30
Rasmussen Reports 03/27 - 03/29 1500 LV 58 40 +18
CBS News 03/20 - 03/22 949 A 64 20 +44
CBS News 03/12 - 03/16 1142 A 62 24 +38
CNN/Opinion Research 03/12 - 03/15 1019 A 64 34 +30
NPR - POS/GQR 03/10 - 03/14 800 LV 59 35 +24
Pew Research 03/09 - 03/12 1308 A 59 26 +33
Ipsos-McClatchy 03/05 - 03/09 1070 A 65 29 +36
Newsweek 03/04 - 03/05 1203 A 58 26 +32
FOX News 03/03 - 03/04 900 RV 63 26 +37
Gallup 03/01 - 03/03 1500 A 61 28 +33
Rasmussen Reports 03/01 - 03/03 1500 LV 60 38 +22
Diageo/Hotline 02/28 - 03/02 803 RV 67 27 +40

StealthConservative said...

it may be true that Obama is a bad President and is making bad decisions, but his popularity, according to national polls, is still high.

Here's a truth for you, Anon: only Obamidiots trying to save face, or evil hateful communists hell-bent on destroying America, would still worship a bad president making bad decisions.

Atomic Lib Smasher said...

And what might also piss you off Anonymus drone, is that Bush's ratings were higher than Hussein's at the same time. How does that make you feel? Well, maybe that's because Bush wasn't trying to destroy America and recreate it as North Venuzela.

Olivia Renea said...

Oh, Conservatives. Maybe some people like having a president who won't "shoot" before thinking, like dear old Bush. We had, and have, no reason to be in Iraq. And the fact that you'll deny common science by not believing in global warming, is mindblowing. But of course, some of you are probably American nationalists who believe in their way of life over the good of the entire world. And this will be the downfall of the human race.