Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bend Over Here It Comes Again

Rush was right (as always). The Dims are planning a secondary Porkulus act as part of the grand plan of The Rape The Economy Act of 2009.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi opened the door to the possibility of another stimulus plan — or bank rescue — following a Tuesday meeting with dozens of Democratic members that was attended by a panel of four prominent economists.

Mark Zandi, the chief economist for Moody’s, told reporters after the meeting that the $787 billion stimulus package signed into law in February might not be the last move by Congress to deploy taxpayer money to save the economy.

“Another stimulus package is a reasonable possibility,” said Zandi, a key consultant for Democrats on the economic stimulus packaged (PL 111-5), cleared by the Senate Feb. 15. And, he added, “more money for the banking system is likely, very likely.”

Asked by a reporter if she agreed with Zandi’s assessment, Pelosi said: “I do.”

Actually, this would be the 4th "stimulus" bill, but who's counting, right? I mean, it's only OUR money that they are spending like there's no tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

The democrats are not remembering history, and not remembering Japan's lost decade, where they tried 7 stimulus plans to get out of a recession. The queen bee *Pelosi* Obamination time is here with her, Harry Reid, Barney (I ran a male prostitution ring out of my house) Frank and Obama have no clue what this country needs, the trouble is, they aren't going to financially feel this. WE ARE. Stimulus plans are not going to work. Tax Cuts across the board will.

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