Wednesday, March 11, 2009

8:45 AM Brownshirt Meeting


From a very interesting article over at Politico, we see that Obama and his henchmen have a phone meeting at 8:45 each morning to discuss which person or group they want to go after to smear.

The vast new left-wing conspiracy sets its tone every morning at 8:45 a.m., when officials from more than 20 labor, environmental and other Democratic-leaning groups dial into a private conference call hosted by two left-leaning Washington organizations.

The “8:45 A.M. call,” as it’s referred to by members, began three weeks ago, and it marks a new level in coordination by the White House’s allies at a time when the conservative opposition is struggling for a toe-hold and major agenda items like health care reform appear closer than ever to passage.

The call has helped attempts to link the Republican Party to radio host Rush Limbaugh, and has served as the launching ground for attacks on critics of Obama’s policy proposals. It springs from a recognition of what was lacking in the Clinton years, said Jennifer Palmieri, the senior vice president for communications at the (leftist) Center for American Progress Action Fund, one of the groups hosting the call.

“[CAP President John] Podesta’s and my experience was in the White House during the Clinton years, and we didn’t have a coordinated echo chamber on the outside backing us up,” she said. “There’s a real interest on the progressive side for groups to want to coordinate with each other and leverage each other’s work in a way I haven’t ever seen before.”

Yes, they do have an echo chamber. It's called the media. But now you have the leftists organizations coordinating with the White House like George Soros's Media Matters and Center for (un)American Progress. They are working very hard to destroy talk radio and set a leftist agenda unlike any we've seen even under Jimmy Carter.

This is who is running the country now. The environut, Marxist, no growth smear merchants of the left are working with the administration to go after those that speak out against the Moonbat Messiah. We saw it during the campaign when they went after those like Joe The Plumber and Stanley Kurtz. And we're seeing it happening now with Rush Limbaugh, Rick Santelli, and others.

Makes me wonder what that whole "Civilian National Security Force" will be all about.

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