Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where's My Unicorn!

While normal Americans are debating and trying to figure out the Rape The Economy Act of 2009 to see how exactly this is going to fix the recession we're in, the Obamessiah is on a road trip to fool people into supporting what is becoming known around the blogosphere as "Porkulus" (I prefer my wording).

As The One descends into places like Elkhart Indiana and Fort Myers Florida, people are coming up demanding the government do something to help them with their unfortunate situations (they've been raised good by Big Daddy Government). One of the parasites came into the national spotlight was a middle aged woman named Henrietta Hughes who claims she has been living in her car with her family and needed help from Chairman Zero.

Did you see the woman at the last few seconds of the clip? Mouthing "I love you, Barack!" This is Obamunism at its worse! Not only are these freaks looking for a handout (and as Michelle Malkin has uncovered, she's been dependent on Big Daddy Gub'mint for a while now), here we go with the Beatlemania like fawning.

But I digress, we as Americans need to latch onto being more responsible for ourselves and our families instead of thinking Big Daddy Government is always going to give out an allowance and let you borrow the keys to the car on Friday night. Otherwise, our children and our grandchildren will have to carry on the burden of our reliance for taxpayer monies.

2/16/08: Update - It's bigger than you think!

From Southwest Florida's WINK news

I knew something stunk about this when this lady who was homeless, had time to attend a political rally. I'm also sure this story is not over.

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