Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tell Him What You Think

What Obama Means To Me

So go say what you think already. What's really funny is through 6 or 7 pages of comments already only one Obamunist commenter!

UPDATE: I guess as of 11:00 AM CST this morning there are a couple more lemmings at that site. I gave them something to think about though.

What Obama means to Atomic Lib Smasher
Illinois, USA - 26 Feb 2009

To The Obamunists:

How do you defend 0bama's frivolous spending and giving crumbs of 13 bucks a week as a "tax cut"? How do you defend the fact that since 0bama got elected, the DOW has fallen 2,000 points? How do you defend 0bama saying we need to "rid our dependence on foreign oil", yet he repealed any hope of drilling in this country for our own oil? How do you defend the SCHIP bill that will tax cigarettes an extra 62 cents knowing that more people are going to quit due to high prices reducing any tobacco tax revenue to pay for the bill?

Some things to think about other than "HOPE AND CHANGE!", lemmings.


NunyaB said...

ROFL! @ only 1 Obot commenter in 7 pages; wonder how long that'll last? I'll go add my 2 cents...if/when I can thunk up something not too lame.

Chris Wysocki said...

I wonder if they're going to really print that book, and if someone is going to edit it first.

Here's what I posted:

I hail our Dear Leader and Glorious Hero of the Soviet Union! He is the true successor to Comrade Lenin. I await his purge of the evil capitalist Kulaks who hoard the wealth which rightly belongs to the proletariat. Comrade Obama will cast them into the gulags of Alaska where they will toil in misery for the good of the Motherland.

I stand in awe of his wisdom to craft not just an ordinary Five Year Plan, but a Ten Year Plan worthy of this New Soviet Man. Soon he will begin the Great Electrification Project to bring green power and free digital TV to the masses. At the same time he will once and for all cure the scourge of Cancer (which of course is an imperialist CIA plot unleashed by that dog Raygun). I await the return of our armies from the imperialist aggression Bush perpetrated against the peace loving people of Iraq. I will cry tears of joy when they can march in glory at the May Day parade.

The day on which he restores Comrade Ayers from exile will be celebrated as a national holiday! Truly there is a man who knows how to effectively deal with ideological impurity. No one will dare to deviate from the Great Leap Forward we are about to embrace.

Viva the November Revolution!