Thursday, July 02, 2009

A Question For Liberals (Now With Polling Goodness!)

I have but one question for those who troll here sometimes who voted for the most leftist president we've ever had the misery of having lead the nation: Why do you hate my country so much to let what has happened go on? I have put up a poll for the answer, because there's only a few choices there from what I have experienced when it comes to Obamunists. Either you are a loser who wants Big Daddy Gub'Mint handing everything to you on a silver platter, a terrorist (or terrorist sympathizer) who wants the country to be destroyed, a "one world" numbnut who wears Birkenstocks and would love America to become a turd-world nation, or a complete drooling imbecile.

Note to my conservative readers, again, this poll is ONLY for liberals, so that they may explain their idiocy.

Why Do You Hate My Country?
Because I am a loser who lives in my parents' basement.
Because I am an Islamic terrorist and want America to lose the war on terrorism.
Because I am a "one world citizen" and want America to be on the same level economically as Zimbabwe.
Drrrr... O-BAMA!!! *drools*
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innominatus said...

Maybe there should be a category for "I am a liberal democrat and I fell for all the hopenchange. But I never really realized he'd be this bad. Please accept my apologies."

Atomic Lib Smasher said...

I'm sure I left a few answers out, but those are the most probable ones.