Saturday, July 04, 2009

Independence Day Weekend Linkfest

Two hundered and thirty three years ago, a group of great men came together to bring forth a new system of government unlike any other in history and a political document that entitles that our rights are not given by men but by God and based on that, men could not take away those inailable rights.

But more and more we see our rights handed down by Divine Providence clarified in the Constitution trampled on every day by the ruling class. On today, our Independence Day, while you're enjoying the fireworks and a barbeque with the family, just think of how our Founders would think of today's government and politicians and how we can try to restore some liberty that these men fought for.

And now, the Weekend Linkfest. Lots of good stuff and big news here, so enjoy.

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Moonbattery: Obama's America Backs Tyranny Over Liberty

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Teh Resistance: Rick Perry Explains How It's Done

IMAO: Obama Apologizes For Declaration Of Indepenence

Steven Crowder: Obama and North Korea (with Lil' Kim)

Iowahawk: Virgin Americans Vow Fight Against Cap And Trade Sacrifices

A True Obamanation: The Lord Of The Left Wing - Part I

Innominatus: A Barry Alternate Universe

Have a safe and happy Indepenence Day.

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Wolfman George said...

I've posted the entire text of the Declaration of Independence over at my humble blog.

233 years after it was written, it is still good reading...