Saturday, June 13, 2009

Weekend Linkfest

Michelle Malkin: Obama's Americorps Scandal

Hot Air: Video: Palin On Today (and some commentary from Ed Morrisey)

American Thinker: D.C. Double Barrel Duplicity

Gateway Pundit: Smoker-In-Chief Praises Government's Big Tobacco Grab

Moonbattery: NASA Employees Commanded To Honor Pervert Pride Month

The Jawa Report: Do The British Hate Themselves?

Interested Participant: San Fransisco's Tough Trash Laws

The Resistance: 8 Simple Truths The Left Won't Admit

First Conservative: California Screaming The Movie... starring the Jerkinator.

I Own The World: Behind the scenes at the Late Show as Letterman comes up with Palin jokes

Iowahawk brings two gems this week, so enjoy both D.C. Garage and how to turn unemployment into FUNemployment.

As an extra special treat better than Christmas and your birthday combined, my two favorite Vloggers, Zo and Steven Crowder come together in a video showing what everyday Republicans are all about (at least from the media's perspective).

Have a good weekend, everyone.

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innominatus said...

Zo/Crowder was awesome. They both have a knack for getting into character.