Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Liberals Love Women...

So much, they are bragging about raping conservative women over in the editorial pages of Playboy.

Granted the page over there has been wiped clean, but Jim at Gateway got a screen cap.

I can't say I totally blame the liberal writers over at Playboy magazine. After all, if you compare right-winging women to... yeeech... liberal women, the comparison is very clear:

From The Conservative Dominion

Plus, I'm sure a lot of my female readers will agree that Guy Cimbalo, the primitive that wrote the disgusting article, more than likely couldn't get lucky in a whorehouse with a hundred dollar bill sticking out of his fly. So he'd have to try to "hate-f*ck" a beautiful woman like Michelle Malkin or Elizabeth Hassleback.

I wonder where the feminists are on this piece? I think it's much like B.J. Bill Clinton while he was out committing lewd acts and shoving cigars in places no cigar should go, the feminazis could give a shit because he "helped keep abortion legal" and would thank him the way Monica did, as one Time magazine columnist said.

VH from Moonbattery put it best today when he said:

The list of lovely conservatives who would be wise to invest in concealed carry permits in light of the article include Michelle Malkin, Mary Katharine Ham, Amanda Carpenter, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Laura Ingraham, Pamela Geller, and Congresswoman Michele Bachman. Who knew liberals had such good taste in women? Maybe one day they'll evolve enough to express it in a less disgusting manner.

That day with the Cimbalos in the world seems like a long time coming, VH.

TCD co-blogger and creator of Teh Resistance, Gregory of Yardale has even more on this conundrum of when a hate crime is not a hate crime.

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Van Helsing said...

They do have a long way to go.