Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Classy Left Attacks Sarah's Kids Again

Sarah Palin's kids are under attack again. This time, it's by Sarah's crazed internet stalker Linda Biegel, who calls herself "Celtic Diva" and has made a cottage industry of filing frivolous "ethics complaints" against Sarah; none of which have gone anywhere. This bitch (there really is no other words) is now mocking Trig Palin through a crude, insulting Photoshop caricaturing his Down's Syndrome features as an attack against a radio talk show host. The left remains ever so classy. Take a look at the kind of woman who can't deal with a successful, attractive conservative woman.

Nuff said

Nuff Said.

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Jessica Wilkerson said...

As soon as I think Lefty Loons can't sink any lower, they completely out-do themselves.

Just disgusting.