Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekend Linkfest

Michelle Malkin: The Truth About ObamACORN

American Thinker: Identity Politics And The Sotomayor Nomination

Don Surber: Birds Of A Feather.

Moonbattery: Imaginary Crisis Causes 315,000 Deaths Per Year

Gateway Pundit: Pravda Mocks U.S. Descent Into Marxism

Doug Ross: Even more details on "DealerGate".

Jammie Wearing Fool: On The Road To Zimbabwe

Founding Bloggers: Burris Defense: Blame The People Who Asked The Wrong Questions

Right Wing News: ManCow's Waterboarding Faked

Next week, my blogposts will appear later in the evening instead of late morning, although V the K is allowed to blog whenever since he's doing a helluva job as co-author. Enjoy the weekend and TCD will be back on Monday.