Saturday, May 16, 2009

Weekend Linkfest and Armed Forces Day

Gateway Pundit: Newt takes on Pelosi's playing dumb.

Doug Ross: Thousands Of Youth Training For Obama's Civilian National Security Force

Michelle Malkin: Washington Can't Meet The Cheerios Standard

Jammie Wearing Fool: More Evidence Of Abscam Jack Murtha Being A Thug.

Teh Resistance: Iraq "Veteran" Is Actually An Escaped Mental Patient

Moonbattery: Moonbat Cuisine, straight from The DUmpster.

Sondra K: Hope N' Change Comics.

First Conservative: Top 10 Obama Targets

Iowahawk: Barack Obama Celebrity Roast

IMAO: Myths And Facts About Dick Cheney

Also at IMAO, one of David Frum's followers comes to plead to the Republicans.

And Happy Armed Forces Day to all the vets out there. God bless you men and women for what you do.

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