Saturday, May 02, 2009

Weekend Linkfest

Michelle Malkin: Obama's Choices: Gird Your Loins

Wizbang: Andrew McCarthy to Eric Holder: Thanks But No Thanks

From Instapundit: Bankruptcy lawyer Tom Lauria speaks out on the Chrysler deal (audio).

Doug Ross: Obama endorses government mandated euthanasia.

Breitbart: Dem Congresswoman Admits Obamacare Will Ruin Private Insurance Companies (video)

The Jawa Report: Obama to take back some of his signature tax cuts credits back.

ZoMation: The Land of Oz

Moonbattery: Christine Gregoire urinates on the Electoral college.

Gateway Pundit: Hateful feminist attacks Miss California (video).

Wyblog: The Terrorists Next Door

John Hawkins: The right needs to play dirty also.

IMAO: U.S. Declares Bankruptcy

Iowahawk: Hardfire - Is Paranoia Coming To Get Us?

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