Thursday, May 07, 2009

Sick Bastard

From time to time, I take back my stance in favor of the death penalty. Only because it's too good for some real vermin. For instance, this sick bastard. I'm not even really sure I want to post the story here, but in an attempt to get "revenge" on an ex-girlfriend, this steaming pile of cockroach excrement, Richard McTear, destroyed the life of a 3 month old baby boy in one of the worst possible ways. From Bay News:

According to deputies, the argument happened early Tuesday morning at the Marbella Apartments on North 15th Street near Fletcher Avenue.

During the argument, McTear grabbed the baby and threw him down onto the concrete, officials said.

He then picked up the baby and fled the scene.

Authorities said he threw the infant from his car as he sped down the interstate.

Deputies said they located McTear's car earlier in the morning but had to search several more hours before tracking him down.

McTear was located in Tampa just after 9 a.m. on Arlington Drive. Officials say a citizen spotted him and called deputies to turn him in. McTear tried to run when deputies arrived to arrest him, but they apprehended him and took him to the Falkenburg Road facility for questioning.

McTear cussed at reporters and said "it's a dirty game" as deputies took him in. He was later transported to the Orient Road Jail.

No words can describe my disgust for this oxygen thief and the other putrid vermin who do unspeakable damage to the lives of innocent children. There's an even hotter and more horrendous section of hell reserved especially for scum like McTear.


Gabriel McKee said...

wow..that's a digusting story.

Nunya said...

Hey, if I were in charge, not only would there BE a death penalty, but the perp would be put to death the same way that their victim(s) was/were.