Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Weekend Linkfest

The American Thinker: Cheney Vs. Obama - First Round Knockout

Michelle Malkin: The Jihad Virus In Our Jails

Gateway Pundit: Corrupt Media Goes To Bat For Liar Pelosi

Hot Air: Liz Cheney vs. Larry O'Donnell On Waterboarding

Q and O: GM To Be "Chryslered"

The Jawa Report: A Special Place In Hell For Mothers That Kill Their Children

Moonbattery: The Enviromoonbattery-Industrial Complex

Steven Crowder: Video - The Dark Pelosi (with Waterboarding)

Restrained No More: Video - Health Care Scare

Six Meat Buffet: The media hates California voters.

Town Hall Blog: Kris Allen wins Idol, liberals blame Christians.

IMAO: Rebranding Gitmo

I wish all my readers to have a great Memorial Day weekend and take time to remember those who gave all for our great country.

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