Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Henpecked in Chief

Came across this on Red State and found it halfway interesting.

Notice that at 30 seconds, Barack stiffs Carla - check the look in his eyes. Yes, that look. Sure enough, at second 33, Michelle is checking the scene to make sure he’s still on his leash. Three seconds — 3 whole frakking seconds– that’s how much leeway the poor guy had.

Of course the drool-by media (to twist Rush's term around) says that Bruni stiffed Obama, but only the UK Sun got it halfway right, wrong headline, right story. But I really don't blame Hussein that much. Michelle probably got those toned strong arms the fashion magazines clamor about by strangling the masculinity out of Barry.

But if you think this is something, this is nothing. Just wait until Obama has all of America p*ssywhipped by third world dictators by being too much of a pussy to deal with them forcefully.

Hat tip to Red State

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