Thursday, April 30, 2009

Democrat Approved Interrogation Methods

Since dripping water on a terrorist's nose for a few seconds, sleep deprivation, face slapping, and blasting the Barney Song is too harsh for liberals to stand when it comes to getting information out of the enemy, the Obama Administration would certainly approve these measures of coercive interrogation.

* Tickling rapidly with a feather (provided that tickling is performed by a child);

* Allowing the detainee to watch only reruns of Gilligan's Island;

* Limit dessert selection to Apple Pie Cobbler (whipped cream is not permitted);

* Have Michael Bolton perform in the detainee's cell;

* Prevent thermostat that controls cell air-conditioning from being set lower than 72°;

* Embroider prayer mats with tiny pictures of George W. Bush;

Hat tip to Doug Ross

1 comment:

LandShark 5150 said...

You forgot the old "mix-mating of their socks." The frustration of the act,is pressure that I for one would crumble within a week.