Friday, March 27, 2009

Zo: Card Checkin'

I can't say anything more than how Zo puts it here. He takes on the Wal-Mart haters, public education, but most importantly unions and their corruption. Liberals are all about "right to privacy" and "right to choose", but only when it favors them. They are not really all about privacy and choice, but control. Just as with school choice that most intelligent people are for, the Left doesn't care about whether or not you want to pull your child out of a failing school. They care more for the teacher's unions than your kid's education. And that is where card check comes in. If the liberals take away the secret ballot where workers get to choose whether to be represented by a union, then that implies more control and coercion... by force if necessary.


MAS1916 said...

True... the lefties don't care about any of these things. As long as you cede your independence and wealth to them via the state, you can be left alone.

Union thugs and ACORN brown shirts are the street soldiers of the new Obama left. Taking notes from Hugo Chavez, Obama intends to intimidate opposition using Emanuel's street forces. It will be ugly before it is over.

Anonymous said...

I swear, Zo is one of the funniest political commentators (and the brightest) you would ever want to listen too. I watched many of his vidoes on YouTube during the election season. He never misses a beat setting the record straight about Obama and the liberals.. he has a huge following.. don't miss ANY of his videos. If you are a conservative you will love him. If you are a liberal you want to "diss" him but you can't.. he has all the bases covered in America when it comes to black, white, hispanic and asian.. he knows every race angle and excuse there is.. LOL

Nunya said...

LOVE me some Zo...but I really didn't need to see him on the toilet. LOL!