Sunday, March 15, 2009

TCD Interview With Zo

This last week, I had a chance to interview Alfonzo Rachel (better known as "Zo"), the owner of Machosauce Productions. Most of us have gotten a chance to see a few of his great videos, but I thought it'd be great to find out a little more about him.

To fix the confusion, I'm in green and Zo is in blue.

Zo, love your vids, just wanted to ask ya a few questions here. What got ya interested in politics, specifically conservatism?

I'd have to say liberals did. I'd witness their cynicism, and how they find fault with everything, yet justify the very things that contribute to us going down. I got sick of 'em, and just started rebelling against their know it all, elitist, condescending, cynical, disposition!

can see that. Kind of hit me the same way back in 2001 when a lot of them turned their back on the country even after the September 11 attacks. Living in California you must see that a lot, huh?

Yeah, they're out here for true. In their eyes America had it coming. Funny, they don't seem to think they have it coming. Just everybody else!

Oh they will. The buyer's remorse over Obama seems to be happening bigger and faster than expected. But why do you think so many fell for his empty platitudes and "hope n' change" rhetoric in the first place?

The country hasn't learned how to grow up. There are more and more of us growing up without fathers teaching their kids how to be men, and women, and single mothers who struggle to make ends meet, and can hardly teach their kids what it takes to grow up either.

Looks to me like the country is in a state of arrested development, mentally, emotionally, and spiritual. This syndrome makes our elections more like a presidential election for a middle school.

Obama was the cool kid, who promised, more soda machines, no school uniforms, longer recess, less homework, etc. Hypnotize them to ignore the consequences.

Liberals want America to be represented by someone cool, and mysterious, and they wanted to look enlightened and be vindicated that they were opened minded enough to vote for a black man. Obama was just the black man they wanted. One the elites could control. Al sharpton is a lap dog for the democrats, but he would have been more likely to chew off his leash.

I see your point. It seems like quite a few people like Peggy Joseph, who wanted Obama to pay for her mortgage and fill her gas tank canceled out our votes just so they can have "Big Daddy Gub'mint" take care of them, although we had a lackluster candidate on our side who was picked by the New York Times. If only the ticket was flipped to read Palin-McCain.

So let me ask you, even thought I caught a few of your first vids on MySpace last year, when did you decide to go and do the whole V-log (video blogging) thing and why instead of just regular blogging?

Yup, he definitely appealed to the gimme gimme culture fo' true! We did have a lackluster candidate didn't we? Yet despite the perfect storm Obama had of a failing economy (that started goin' down hill like a car with Rosie O at the wheel and a heavy tail wind when the democrats gained the majority) a heavily protested war, (which would go a lot more in our military's favor if liberals would just get out of the way) allllllllllll the dazzle he got from Hollywood, and all the favoritism he got from the media, he still ONLY got 52% of the vote!

That was just against John Mccain. Which means Sarah Palin would have put a hurtin' on Barry!

I Vlog instead of blog because I more so feel I can convey my perspective more penetratingly that way than with blogging.

I've noticed you've gotten quite popular around the blogosphere. Frank J over at IMAO's got posts up with your vids, Hot Air has taken notice. And I also hear ya got a book coming out. Congrats on all that. Got a little sneak peek you can give us here?

Shout out to Big Frankie J! One of the 1st bloggers to give a brotha some play! Hotair playin' my vids is really exciting too. Michelle rocks, what what!!!

Yes sir, I'm tryin' my hand at a book! I'm thinkin' I may self publish it. Sure, I'll give a sneak peak. And then you can give me a sneak peak into if it sucks or not!

Excerpt from Introduction:

How is it that Conservatives keep getting dusted by liberals? The liberal ideology is so deficient in redeeming value y'all. We should be able to drop kick liberalism into the land of missing sock mates. It's as if they all sold their souls to the Devil to be able to beat us with nothing. The celebration of the equal sharing of misery is about all they give people to look forward to. It's a fist pumping fest against the republicans, the corporations, the military, the Church, and America. HEY HEY... HO HO... Fill in the blank has got to go!

Well, it's been great talking with ya, man. I wanna thank ya for all that ya do, and keep up the good work, bro. I'm sure we'll all be looking forward to what Machosauce has in the future.

You bet.

And for those who have yet to see it, here's Zo's new video again lambasting the libs on embryonic stem cells and thanking his supporters.


Shannon said...

I'm glad there are people with brains out there. Thanks Zo, you're vids are great and ALS for the blog!

NunyaB said...

That interview is VERY cool, ALS, congrats on quite the scoop!

Palin-Zo 2012!