Friday, March 20, 2009

Steven Crowder Takes On Illegals And Multiculturalists

This guy is becoming one of my favorite Vloggers next to Zo at Machosauce and Sharise at Restrained No More. He has got some major points too, addresses in his own funny way. Nobody has a problem with legal immigrants. Many of those who come here legally work their asses off to learn the language, culture, laws, and blend in with our society. However we have problems with the illegal immigrants and the leftists (see what Bela Pelosi said a couple days ago)that enable to them to not just break our laws (which they broke by first jumping over the fence), but also segregate themselves in their own culture, get mad when we ask them to abide by our laws, but expect US to capitulate to them.

I, as well as most patriotic conservative Americans, welcome any immigrants who can come here, learn our language, love our country, learn our culture and history, and define themselves as Americans first.

But check out more of Steve Crowder's vids. He's funny as all hell, and knows his facts and brings them with a twist of humor every Thursday.


Shannon said...

Isn't he Canadian?? He makes of himself, but of course he's now a LEGAL American, like "most" of us and came here the "RIGHT" way.

Either be born here or APPLY to be here!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Marisa at Restrained No More?

Isn't the name of the Producer of the show named "Sharise" ?

And where are her videos on this site - they seem to be sorely missing.

Anonymous said...

Poor you, your so ignorant and you also suck as a comedian.