Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obamumists Go Door To Door

"Have you heard the good news from Our Messiah?" These people will soon show up knocking on your front door.

Obama has called upon his lemmings to do his work for him, convincing his mind numbed robots to go door to door this Saturday to try to gain support for his trillion dollar deficit inducing budget chock full of pork laden spending and try to buff up his slipping approval ratings.

The group, Organizers for America, is labeled as a "grass roots organization", but it is headed by the DNC and they pledge loyalty not to America, not to the Constitution, but to Nobama himself and his Marxist ideologies, and "to mobilize support for the president's legislative agenda." Any of this sound like Mao's red Guards?

But when they knock on your door like some deranged Jehovas' Witnesses to "spread the good word" of the Obamessiah, don't come right out with your AR-15s and Mossbergs (as tempting as it is), but do engage them. Arm yourselves with facts and information instead. Debate them. Ask them if they've read the bill they claim to support. "Uhhh, duuude, no. I haven't read it, maaaan. But dude! Like, Obama wants chaaaaaannnggee!" If anything, it'll drain the drones of their time so they don't have enough time left to disturb your other neighbors. Or maybe we can turn them. The Kool-Aid can't be that strong if you respectfully engage in a discussion and bring the facts and logic to the table.

Hat tip to The American Thinker


NunyaB said...

Looks like that gal on the left (left side of the photo I mean) is wearing one of those helmets that prevent kids with brain damage from hurting themselves...

Child of God said...

NunyaB: Astute observation, but since she is an O-bot there is no brain to damage.

Shannon said...

Too late..............LOLz