Thursday, March 05, 2009

Mark Levin Vs. David Frum

Pseudo-conservative David Frum had written a smear article denouncing Rush Limbaugh and not just his speech at CPAC, but everything from his marriages to his physical appearance. Frum appears to be angry that the GOP isn't what it used to be. I agree with that, but when you get down much deeper, that's when it's time to disagree when it gets down to principle.

What Mr. Frum wants is more "reaching across the aisle" and basically caving into the Dimotwits. That is NOT what is going to make a Republican majority. As I've said before in the last couple posts, if more politicians like McLame, Arlen Specter, et all, actually listened to Limbaugh and took his advice, we wouldn't be in the mess we are today and actually growing a pair when it comes to protecting our country and saving future generations from massive debt.

Talk show host Mark Levin took Mr. Frum to task when he called into his show after Mark called him out the previous day. Listen to the mp3 at the link and you'll hear how immature and childish Frum seems when trying to debate. At least Frum had the temporary cojones to call in and try to debate Levin. I can give him that much, and we'll see if The Messiah takes on Rush in the same way, or can he not do it without a Teleprompter?

Just look at the Frum hit piece, listen to the audio (about 30 minutes long), and see exactly where our party shouldn't be. Frum appears to want to handcuff the conservative movement and have us give in to Chairman Zero and his ilk. I would have turned his mic down too with him babbling on like that.

UPDATE: I guess David Frum had written a new piece on his debate with Levin. The guy comes off as a whiner that needs to go back and hide behind his wife's skirt. "WAAAH! Rachel Mannow never screamed at me!" I never watch PMSNBC, so I don't know what he's talking about having a debate, her But he goes on.

As I hung up, I wondered what it would be like to be a new listener, a nonpolitical person, tuning in to Mark Levin’s show for the first time. The ferocious hatred and anger – the shouting at people not present to reply, the self-pitying complaints against a world that does not pay enough respect: it’s an ugly performance.

First off, a "non-political person" would more than likely be listening to FM Top 40 radio than AM news talk radio so that blows that out of the water right there. Secondly, Mark's passion and demeanor is what keeps most of us 5.5 million listeners there every night! Mr. Frum, you're a disgrace. You might as well join the dummies at Democratic Underground.

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