Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Levin's Liberty & Tyranny

Got mine ordered a couple weeks ago. I believe they still have the 40% off deal at Amazon.com, but it comes out today. Should be a good read as Men In Black was, so I am looking forward to receiving it.

Via Mark Levin Fan, here's Mark talking with Sean Hannity about the book and the book signing he had on Saturday.

UPDATE: Just thought I'd post Levin at the Media Research Center Awards this past week. If you enjoy Mark's barrage he gives every day on the radio, you'll enjoy this. If you have no idea who the hell Mark Levin is, get a radio after you watch the video.


Gregory of Yardale said...

A link for yas...Bwah Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HA!

Anonymous said...

Mark Levin is a cool dude. I am dying to read his book.. I live in China right now. I am having one of my relatives in the USA get the book and send it to me. I hope the communists don't impound it when it arrives though customs. They can get pretty strange sometimes when it comes to CDs and books coming into the country.. LOL