Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why I Love Ann Coulter

She makes moonbat libs froth at the mouth with their craziness. Check the video.

Here's a transcript of a piece of the back and forth in which Blowhard attempts to put Ann in a bad light:

BEHAR: Do you think that people hate you?
COULTER: No. Not when I have seven "New York Times" best-sellers. No, I'm -- I'm very popular.
BEHAR: But you -- no, you can't have everybody love you. Not everybody loves you, Ann. People think that...
COULTER: You asked me if people hated me...
BEHAR: But you said because you sell books that makes you people -- that makes you think that people love you...
COULTER: I said that indicates to me that they do not hate me, which was the question, Joy.

Ann Coulter trying to discuss geo-political issues with raving moonbat Joy Behar is like trying to have an intelligent discussion with a rabid chihuahua on amphetamines.


adagioforstrings said...

People who work in glass studios shouldn't throw stones....Doesn't Behar perceive the irony when she criticizes Limbaugh for his alleged filibustering? What does Behar think she & her lib gal pals do on the View 5 times a week? Or is filibustering sexist & they engage in filibitchering?

Mandible Claw said...


This is further proof that liberals are so wedded to the "conservative = dumb" meme that they will actually go up against Ann Coulter in a debate -- on semantics, on public television no less.

The ultimate vindication is yet to come: the spectacle of CNN along with MSNBC and the rest of the left-stream media lining up for gubmint 'bailouts' in another month or two when their ad revenue dries up completely, as Ann sits in her mansion counting her money and laughing quietly to herself..