Monday, February 23, 2009

Spicoli And Courage

I was expecting Mickey Rourke to win Best Actor for his comeback role in "The Wrestler" (which I've heard is a good movie, I have yet to watch it though). But this creep, Sean Penn, or as we call him here, Tokyo Spicoli, won for his portrayal of the gay congressman Harvey Milk in "Milk". Fast forward to 6:00 to the "You Commie Homo Son Of A Gun" opening. (Was Spicoli trying to be funny there? Fail)

Yes, true heroism is playing pretend for a living, banging skanks like Madonna, punching cameramen, burning cigarette holes in plastic dolls, going to hurricane ravaged New Orleans for failed photo-ops, and attending annual pat-ourselves-on-the-back fests with other liberal make-believers.

Also to add, does someone want to pass a note to Sean Penn backstage that maybe Obama needs a few minutes to "contemplate his great shame" instead of being so "elegant"? And if we wanted to be REAL courageous, when he took his little treason trip to Iran, he could have condemned the real uncivil treatment of gays there! We conservative Americans just don't want them to marry (I have nothing against civil unions or whatever they want to call it). There, according to Amanuttjob "there are no gays".... because they execute them.

Flashback to 2006 for more wit and wisdom from Spicoli

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Atomic Lib Smasher said...

Had to update this a little bit. Forgot about Tokyo Spicoli and his trip to Iran. The libs, they always love to side with the enemy, don;t they?