Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Obama dozed, people froze!

Remember all the grief Bush got over Katrina even though the Chocolate Mayor and the rest of the state officials did virtually nothing? Well, this from Fox news about the Kentucky ice storm that's left forty dead and 45 million dollars in damage:

Kentucky's governor will ask President Barack Obama on Monday to speed up federal aid dollars as costs spiral past $45 million for emergency work to restore power, hand out water and food and clear debris across the state hit hard by an icy winter storm last week.

Obama signed federal emergency declarations last week for Kentucky, Arkansas and Missouri after ice and snow blamed for more than 40 deaths in nine states and for power outages that peaked at 1.3 million customers from the Southern Plains to the East Coast.

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear said he will ask the president to upgrade the federal response by declaring a major disaster, which would open the door for immediate financial assistance. The current disaster declaration provides for federal assistance with material, such as generators and bottled water being distributed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Can we now say "Obama doesn't care about white people"? And I sure haven't seen any reports about Sean Penn coming in on a dog sled saving people this time.

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