Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Zo Video: Liberals Are Crybabies

Can't say I agree with the costume at the beginning of the video, but Zo (like always) has a point. Liberals are the ones who are the biggest crybabies whining for bigger government. In this vid, Zo makes examples out of Julio the beggar, those whining to bring back the (un)Fairness Doctrine, and the NAACP with the race pimp Al not-so Sharpton protesting about the stupid Travis the Chimp cartoon.

If you're down on your luck (like some people are right now), you don't need help from the government. Big Government will shrink and become less powerful if we show American gumption and pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and try to make a good life for ourselves and our families. The Democrats are the ones who rely on sniveling and whining and begging. "I need a kitchen, and a bathroom, and snow tires, free ringtones, and a jacuzzi!" If you want to rely on government for anything, rely on them cutting taxes, cutting back some regulations on businesses, drilling for our own oil, protecting the border, and quit spending money they don't have.

And if you want to help Zo, check out Machosauce Productions and buy a kick ass T-shirt. I already got mine. Just my way of stimulating the economy.

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