Friday, January 23, 2009

Biting The Hand That Feeds

After the media's love affair with Obama got him elected to the highest in the free world, now it's a bit different. This is another tidbit from Newsbusters

On January 22 the Associated Press posted an interesting little tidbit of news about how Team Obama is treating the press. Apparently, the Obama White House is trying to force news agencies to use Obama's own, special, ostensibly "official" photographer's photos taken at Obama press conferences instead of allowing news agencies to have their own photogs present to record the event. As a result of this attempt by Obama to control his image, the AP and Reuters are a bit miffed that Obama is trying to control the press with such an iron fisted move like this.

All I have to ask is: NOW they get worried that Obama is not too dedicated to freedom of the press? After Obama is fairly elected, NOW the Old Media is beginning to question The One on his treatment of them?

Not to mention Obama is only going to let a select few of media bootlickers to have access to him. All other White House press need not raise their hands.

I guess they are questioning all those halo pics they took of them during the campaign. Seems like the honeymoon is soon to be over after the MSM made Obama what he is today. There's "transparency" and "an open government" for you.

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